“Being The Change creates revolution.”


Satish Kumar



Something happens when we pull ourselves together. Individually and collectively. When we glimpse and experience what we add up to…. and start to make choices we didn’t know we had.


A highly interactive and experiential day, Being The Change was facilitated by various presenters. It was a shared day trip that included high vibrational food provided by Inspiral Lounge and Pura Vida), a movie, a Be The Change symposium and live music.


Don’t be fooled by the impressive line-up. This day was not about ‘sages on a stage’. It was a day to glimpse at what we add up to – and to experience powerful practices, hear personal stories & learn about inspiring initiatives that can help us pull ourselves together as never before. Individually and collectively.


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Full length compilation of the October 1st event in London





Chloë Goodchild and her amazing presentation. She opened the Being The Change event getting everybody who was arriving immediately in contact with a higher vibration and connection with sound. Their own sound and a combined communal soundthat is designed to raise consciousness






Satish Kumar addresses a question about communities large and small, and how in the future major cities will disappear.






SHiFT begins their show with It's All The Same, an amazing song that was adopted by Being The Change for the logo. Here we see Sebastian Morgan sit at the keyboards and start playing music to SHiFT's on-stage awareness movie, while Mike Andreux comes in on guitar, Dan Axtell joins on bass and Michael Bates sets the rhythmic foundation for the whole song.





SHiFT and two of their songs back to back. They started their powerful show, which has no pause until song number 6!





Sebastian Morgan, one of the organisers of Being The Change 2011 shares with us what it is to have put up such an event.





SHiFT - Sebastian Morgan, Mike Andreux, Dan Axtell and Michael Bates with Josefina Achaval as guest singer closed the Being The Change event with 12 of their songs in a strong performance, while powerful images were shown behind them on the movie screen.






The Fully Alive Team - Mark Appleford, Tim Franklin and Barry Smale sharing with the participants the amazing effects and impact that Chi Kung has on our daily experience.




Satish Kumar and his amazing sharing about Gandhi, colonisation, education, The Schumacher College he founded 30 years ago, and being the change you want to see in the world.





Being The Change 2011 follow-up teaser





SHiFT and the collaboration with San Damiano Foundation and their amazing work






Jonathan Hughes in his amazing role as MC on October 1st at the Bloomsbury Theatre




Sebastian Morgan, one of the Being The Change organisers, preparing for the event at The Bloomsbury Theatre






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